Karen Stringfellow [Celebrant]

My name is Karen Stringfellow. I am a marriage and funeral celebrant located in Brisbane. I love weddings, and enjoy working with families to plan a loved ones funeral. I will be your celebrant where ever you invite me.

I service all of Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Northern New South Wales and all the way out to Toowoomba.

Planning a destination wedding? My passport is current, pick me!

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“Yes, I did miss my wedding day & I regret it!”

It’s crazy but, I did miss my wedding day. Not in the physical sense but definitely in the mental sense. See, I was an original Bridezilla and control freak with the smile of an angel.

I planned my wedding day down to the last minute and dollar. I did everything myself and was proud to be able to throw together a DIY project for the day.

Pintrest wasn’t a thing back then but I had the bride scrapbook and an excel spreadsheet.

By being so focused on everything else I missed our special day. I don’t want this for you.

On my wedding day, when I got out of the car I focused on the placement of the string quartet. Were they playing the right song? Did they wear black like I asked them to?

I worried about everyone standing in their right places, when I should have been focused on my groom and my marriage ceremony.

I missed a special day in my life because I was trying to make it perfect, by myself. A big mistake.

Karen Stringfellow, Celebrant

Calm Down the Bridezilla

See, by being a Bridezilla I missed the most important parts of my special day and;

  • I missed the faces of the loved ones who had traveled so far to see us get married.
  • I missed the look on my groom’s face when I walked down the aisle to him.
  • I missed saying our vows – I don’t remember a single word or the look on my groom’s face.
  • I missed the words of our exchanging of rings – (I do remember pushing the right finger in my groom’s hand when he attempted to put the ring on the wrong finger).
  • I missed how proud my Dad was to walk his only daughter down the aisle.
  • I missed the kiss – What a shame, I don’t remember this at all.

I was so focused on getting everything right that I saw nothing. I remember nothing. It has always been a regret.

Let me help you before the Zilla creeps in.

Why choose me to be your celebrant?

One of the reasons I became a celebrant was because I was so disgruntled with my wedding day.

Don’t think I am blaming anyone. I am the one to blame. I should have trusted more, asked more questions and asked for help, but I didn’t. And that is my fault.

Now that I am a celebrant, I ensure that I help couples any way I can. My goal is to take some stress from you when preparing your wedding ceremony.

I will ensure you, that I will;

  • support you anyway you need up to the ceremony (and beyond if you need it)
  • I will make sure we have all the details worked out and listed on a script, so you do not need to worry where someone is to stand and what they need to say
  • I will ensure the music is organised and starts on cue
  • I will ensure you that I will take care of as much of the ceremony details as you allow and want
  • I will help and guide you with any decisions about your ceremony
  • I encourage we have a rehearsal, so your bridal party feels comfortable and less anxious on the day
  • Be available to you so you can call me anytime for advice on any part of your wedding day
  • And my favourite part about being a celebrant is that, I will make sure that the two of you are in the moment when saying your vows.

From time to time, I see a Bridezilla or Groomzilla at my coffee meetings. I remember how I felt when I was getting married so, I do what ever I can to hope this person will give me a little of their trust. After all this is their “life event”, their “day of all days”. They want to know that their day will be just perfect!  I understand this and embrace it.

“I will put my whole being into your ceremony,

that’s what us Virgos do”.

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About Karen

I am in my 40’s and am having the time of my life. I have only just started to travel as I was a single mum for many years with my 2 girls. This was our “Gilmore Girls” years. [I even moved to a country town.]

We love the memories and my daughter’s and I have an unshakable bond that I am truly grateful.

I was married but now divorced. I still value the commitment of a marriage and the joining of families.

My day job is in the dental industry. I have been working in the industry since I left school and still love it. That is 28 years!

Be warned! I am a hugger! I will probably hug you at least one time in the time we spend time together planning your wedding or funeral (don’t worry my hugs don’t linger and become awkward.) I just get excited! I also really love getting to know my couples and families. I love sharing ideas with them and – I become a bit of a Mum really. But I love it.

Let me help you by being your organised angel. It would be my absolute pleasure!

“No Bridezilla’s at your wedding!”

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