Wedding ceremony rituals

Create a ritual that will bond you both together as one

Rituals are a great way to cement your commitment to each other and in public to your family and friends. It also creates visual interest to your audience (even though that is not why you are doing it).

Here are a few samples of rituals. You can find more inspiration on my Pinterest. My account name is Karen Stringfellow [celebrant]. I have boards created – Wedding Rituals.

To be honest you can you can make a ritual out of anything that you want to do to symbolise your union as either a couple, a family or 2 cultures coming together.

The wine ceremony

The couple sip wine from a goblet, this is symbolic of the cup of life. It is meant to symbolise that as you share the wine you promise to share all that the future has to bring. The sweetness the cup of life brings is sweeter because you drink it together. The bitterness of life is less because they are shared.

You could also have two different wines and one goblet. You mix the 2 wines together and this symbolises 2 families joining together, or 2 cultures joining, or 2 people joining together in marriage.

The sand ceremony

My couple Jodie and Daniel, they have a blended family like mine. They used different coloured sands – each colour represented a person in their family and they each had a turn pouring their coloured sand into a bottle that then becomes sealed.

The meaning of this is blending the 2 families into one family. The different colours cannot be separated making the family a united bond. This is a great activity with the kids. They all enjoyed having a part of the ceremony that was for them.

Pass the rings

This ritual is where before exchanging the rings you send the rings around the guests and have each guest hold the rings and wish you both well in your marriage. It’s only a good ritual for small intimate weddings.

Hand fasting

This is a Celtic tradition. Couples have their hands bound by ribbon to signify unity and a commitment to each other. I have more information of this on my Pinterest board – Wedding Rituals.

Plant a tree

Some couples like to plant a tree and have members of their family water it. Or it could have blessings that you have asked your guests to write, decorate it.  You could have 3 seedlings, and you and both sets of parents could plant them and then grow them in your own gardens – your own wedding tree.

Doves or butterfly release

When you are announced as a married couple you could release doves or butterflies. You can incorporate family and children into this ritual. You can have a few words spoken to cement the reason for the ritual.  I have a resource book that has some ideas that I can email you.

Unity candle

Some couples like to light a unity candle as part of the ceremony. This can represent the coming together of two families or the coming together of two people.

Rose ceremony

Some couples like to light a unity candle as part of the ceremony. This can represent the coming together of two families or the coming together of two people.

Welcome to country

This is usually done at the opening of the ceremony. It can be performed by Aboriginal Elders of the area you are being married in. As an offering of respect and acknowledgement to the indigenous people of Australia, you can have an inclusion of a Welcome to Country as an element of any marriage ceremony conducted in a public place or place of significance.

An example of a Welcome to country acknowledgement is:

‘We would like to acknowledge the __________ Tribe (tribe of the area) as the traditional owners and custodians of these lands.

We honour and respect their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this country. We aim to respect cultural heritage, customs and beliefs of all Indigenous people’.

β€œAnd then suddenly, you meet that one person that makes you forget about yesterday, and dream about tomorrow.”

Family unity painting

My couple Simone and Zach have a blended family. They wanted to create a family painting that they could hang on the wall and look at from time to time and see the artwork they created on their special day. It was their way to visually blend their family and create one solid unit.

It was a really nice activity to involve the kids. Each family member had a different colour and there were lots of laughs as they completed it in the ceremony. It only took about 5 minutes as we had it really organised at the rehearsal.

I hope this post helps you and your partner with ideas about wedding rituals. Please contact me if you would like anything clarified or if you have any questions.

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