Documents You Need to Sign to Legalise Your Marriage

To legalise a marriage ceremony in Australia you need to have signed 5 documents to by the end of your marriage ceremony. These are;

Notice of Intended to Marry

Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage

The Marriage Register

Official Marriage Certificate

Decorative Marriage Certificate

“Notice of Intention to Marry” form

If we have met for Coffee, we would have already filled this form in.

To submit your intentions to marry you must fill in an official form called the “Notice of Intended Marriage.” This form must be filled in and submitted to me, or your marriage celebrant (1) month before your wedding day. See the next section for more information on this. It must be filled in with blue or black pen in UPPERCASE and legible handwriting or digitally filled in.

When filling in this form I will need to sight a few original legal documents from each of you. I only have to sight them. I will not keep copies of them.

*If you need to fill in the form and have it witnessed by another person other than myself please go to your local police station and have a member of police witness your signatures and sight your identification documents.

Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage

In the movies we hear the celebrant or minister of religion ask the guests

“If any of you has reasons why these two should not be married,

speak now or forever hold your peace.”

This form negates using those words because you have signed a declaration to say that you are both eligible to be married to each other.

This form is to be signed as close before the wedding date as possible. Even if you and I have to make a special time to have this form signed.

This form will declare that you are eligible to marry. It is on the back of one of the marriage certificates that you will sign on the wedding day.

It is your official declaration that you are of eligible age and are not married to someone else. If either one of you is still married or under the age of 18, this form declares that you have turned 18 in the time since filling in the “Notice of Intended Marriage” form or that your divorce has been finalised.

This form cannot be signed after the wedding ceremony has taken place.

The Marriage Register

The red book is my official copy of your marriage paperwork. It is the same copy of the Official Marriage Certificate that you will sign on the wedding day. I keep my copy and the other copy goes to the department of Birth, Death and Marriages.

Your witnesses are required to sign this certificate in the register.

Official Certificate of Marriage

* The information on the image is not real client information

The Official Certificate of Marriage is the certificate that I will send into the Department of Birth, Deaths and Marriages with the Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage form and the Notice of Intended to Marry form.

Your witnesses are required to sign this form.

These 3 forms will be the documents I need to register your marriage ceremony.

Decorative Marriage Certificate

This marriage certificate is the certificate that you will receive on the day of your marriage ceremony. Your witnesses are required to sign this certificate.

This certificate cannot be used as your official Marriage Certificate. It will take about 4 weeks to process your marriage documentation. I will give you more information after your wedding.

For more information on witnesses click here

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