Author: Karen Stringfellow

Creating a timeline for the wedding day

Creating a timeline for your wedding day can reduce the stress of the day I am a really organised person so having a timeline or a schedule of the day is a really important tool that I use. As a celebrant, I use a timeline of the day for every wedding that I perform. I […]

Wedding ceremony rituals

Create a ritual that will bond you both together as one Rituals are a great way to cement your commitment to each other and in public to your family and friends. It also creates visual interest to your audience (even though that is not why you are doing it). Here are a few samples of […]

The structure of a wedding ceremony

There are certain parts that make up a wedding ceremony. Some of the structure is legal but most of the ceremony is tradition and custom. Apart from the legal parts of the ceremony, you are welcome to remove or add what parts of the ceremony that suit you as a couple. Entrance – Music can […]

Ideas for Personal Vows

To love, honour and….. [not obey] When it comes to wedding vows the only limit really is your imagination. Having said that, some couples prefer to adhere to the somewhat traditional, while others find writing personal vows incredibly intimate and romantic. Either way, there are a lot of ideas for you here if you’re seeking […]

The wedding rehearsal

My couples always ask what is involved in the wedding rehearsal. I have a set list of what we cover in the rehearsal so it is easy to remember. Official paperwork to sign Positioning and movement Rituals and readings Who should come to the rehearsal What we will cover at the rehearsal As I said […]